"Don't think about making art, just get it done. Let every one else decide if it's good or bad, weather  they love it or hate it. While they are deciding make even more art."
Andy Warhol

Hello, my name is Sarah . I am nothing special. I work in a normal, boring little shop, just trying to getting by.
I started art, fine art graphic design, and textiles at school and college. 
My course work varied a lot, during this time. With posters, set design, window designs, fashion clothing, costume design, fabric prints, still life drawings, pop art, and portraits and loads more.
To this day I still have loads of the work I done still, even thought a lot has been lost over the years. 

Since I moved to London I started drawing again, (as well as writing) I had hardly done any since I had left college, and working in theatre. 
I am a bit of an organisation freak. so after I started my other Blog, My World Of Confusion I  decided to start this one, along with a face book page. so that I could shear my art work, and photos. Rather then the sketchbooks sitting in the book case and photos in albums in my house where no one sees them.

You can also find my on; 
Instagram: @mytheoryofthecrows
Tumblr: mytheoryofthecrowssketchbook
Facebook: mytheoryofthecrowssketchbook

Little Miss Costuming;
Blog: littlemisscostuming
Instagram: @littlemisscostuming

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