Tuesday, 31 May 2016

June 2016 Art Challenge.

This June I'm joining in with Kacheri Bodily at Passion Themed Life s June Doodles on instagram.
Each day there is a prompt to inspire a doodle.  She dose these every month, but this id the first one that I have taken part in.

I'm going to be completing this in my Brown Midori Traveler's notebook, using their - standard, refill number 3. which is plan paper book.

You can follow me on Instagram www.instagram.com/mytheoryofthecrows/
You can find out more about Kacheri Bodily and her monthly chanllenges at www.passionthemedlife.com

Saturday, 14 May 2016

35mm Black and White Film.

Taken with an Olympus Trip, with a 35mm Black and white film from Lomograph Lady Grey 400IOS film.
The roll had a small defect as you can see on the below  photos with a grey/white line across the image.

Window To The Camden Ruins

Camden ruins

The Window To The Train Lines And Ruins

Train Lines And Ruins