Friday, 24 July 2015

Traveler's NoteBook

I have recently been using Traveler's Note books for work and blog planing and other stuff. My visual merchandising work book has a book with hyperdex in to track my day, along with todo lists.  But I found there was a lot of space at the bottom of the page so I found myself filling with my art.

I can't wait to put in more sketchbooks, I find these book note just inspiring to want to create, but there is something really nice about taking it out in a cafe dying my lunch to jot things down, or even on the shop floor.
If you would like to know more about My Traveler' NoteBooks please click HERE

Sunday, 12 July 2015

Stock Room Folder.

The Blue stock room folder was looking a little dull and needed some artistic attention.

Thursday, 2 July 2015

Why My Theory Of The Crows?

I have been asked a lot recently why I call my site ‘My Theory Of The Crows’. Along with my Instagram and Facebook, therefore I thought that I would put it in a post.
It goes back to 2000. My Collage (and high school) was on a huge piece of land which backed on to a wood and golf corse, and we were lucky enough to have a fair amount of trees on campus, which meant we had a lot of birds flying around, along with sea gulls .
During my second year of collage we discovered the we had a pair of crows living and nesting on sight.
Mind you I think it took us 2 or 3 months to decide if they were crows or ravens, but it turned out they were crows, by which point they had become a bit of a case study for me, and a small sketchbook become home to my drawings of the crows, 
They were pretty brave creatures as they would walk a long the balcony railings of the common room and study area, which were always full -with the windows open and at lot noise and antics- they would stand there and watch us, which was a little freaky, but it gave me time to draw them.
The book got called ‘As The Crows Flys’. Your’d be sitting their working, next you would be being watched by one of them. Sitting on the rail almost as if they were trying to work you out , for you to respond to them, if you banged on the window it would frighten them, they would just flap their wings.
As the summer faded in to autumn the two crows turned into a flock. A crowd of squawking birds, shouting at each other over everything and nothing 
When it came to me to set up my blog and page my favourite song by The National came to mind, ‘Theory of the crows’ and the lines 
“I need you to disprove 
My theory of the crows.”
“As The Crow fly’s” crossed my mind but “My Theory Of The Crows" caught my imagination.
Its all about word play. Anything thats makes me, that is encouraging my brain to be creative I like.
Yet it was the crowd of crows that made me want to have some kind of reference to crows or crow in the tittle.  It has crossed my mind to change it to 'My Theory Of The Crowds' But for me it represents people, portraits and figure drawings, which for me it was not what I want.

So, Why My Theory Of The Crows?

Crows and Ravens, in popular culture are meant to be mystical animals, some times referred to as the messengers or eyes of the devil. They are believed to remember people, and communicate between then selfs if someone has been kind to then (sounds a little crazy). and the legend that if the Ravens vanish from the the Tower of London the monarchy will fall.
Its the superstition and myths that surround these birds that fascinates me, the same as religious beliefs (more so the darker side of them-I'm talking devil, witchcraft, fallen angels,).
Every thing that I have posted on here is far from dark, and so far I have not posted any of my crows, something that I need to do. some of them have a little more of darker vibe, its my theory of what crows are and what they represent in the world, Past an present...

(Updated on the 31st of May 2016)