Sunday, 25 January 2015

Carpenters Puppet

Drawing of Macy's New york puppet. This was part of my exam cause work of my A levels.

Saturday, 24 January 2015


I don't Know where this is or weather it is a palace, house or religious building, I do seam to remember that I drew it from a post card, which is somewhere in a scrap book.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Stomp Poster #IV

Using parts of articles for papers and their web sight to create the back ground each part written by hand, in  brown, black,  dark green and dark red. The men are drawn in ink with a fountain pen.

Book Of Faces

while working on these sketchbooks a friend of mine turn round and said 
"Are they the faces of the voices in your head?" this made me smile.
Any way here are some of the drawings from the 3 sketchbooks of "Book Of Faces".
You can also see more on my Facebook page Mytheoryofthecrows

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Masks #6

Alien demon mask. 

Tri Horn.  Looks a little like something out of a 1970s Doctor who episode.

Mid Year Santa. just a little beaten up after a night out

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Stomp Poster. #III

A3 Landscape Stomp poster, painted in water colour paint.

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Friday, 9 January 2015

Old man

On the first posts of images from my "Book OF Faces" sketchbook.
Drawn December 27th 2014.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Artists Notes

A reflection on my Sketchbooks over the past year.
Over the past year I have filled up fourteen, 50 page sketchbooks which I got from Rymans, 2 A5 Kompagnon sketchbooks which I purchased from a lovely little arts and craft shop called Slanchogled in Camden, as well as 2 partly filled A5 sketchbooks and 3 A4, That not including my 3 sketchbooks for my visual merchandising, windows and in store display designs and all the lose sheets of paper. All in all I think a have a good size tree sitting on my shelf. As well as my photos and Polaroid project, this year has been a very creative year
My style has veered dramatically form still life, abstract, faces of real people and made up.
Over the past year I may have done more drawing then what I done when I was in college doing art. But now, unlike when I was in college, I am free to draw how and what I like.
Not being told to draw the human face by starting with an oval then drawing the lines for the spacing of eyes, nose, ears and mouth, I have never been able to to draw a face using this technique, for me I would always start with the eyes or noes then work out form there, weather I am drawing a pitcher of someone or I am creating a face, this is my way.
I have noticed a big change in my art, more of a conference really. I wish that I had this focus when I was in college as I would have properly taken it further, and in to the direction of concept artist.
A couple of years ago I done a load of sketch’s from the Dark Crystal, by concept artist Brian Froud, who also done the art work for Labyrinth. I love his work  especially his little book of goblins, It was after I done these I  started drawing again filling up book after book.

Project themes and sketchbooks.
This is a habit I have got in to which drives my husband mad, and partly why I have part unfinished sketchbooks. Each sketchbook has a theme, so I won't put sketches of buildings and faces in the same book, this may seam a little ocd, but it works beautifully.
The themes that I have at the moment are: 
Book of Faces: this is made up faces, old men, clowns and women.
Lost SketchBook: zentangle style art, feathers, and leafs.
Lemon world: buildings
My Little Book Of Skulls: It is what it is
My theory of the crows: this is everything else. manly still life, flowers 
There is also my old college work. Stomp,  Set designs, book covers and my forever growing Phantom Circus. 
And Yes I name my Sketchbooks...

The year ahead...
I have just finished my ‘Book of faces II’ (today 7th January), which was started on the 29th December 2014 and took eight days to fill, (each image is dated. I don’t finish on then move on the next, I normally have two on the go.)
I have recently purchased  another sketchbook form Rymans along with 3 moleskins that were on offer at Cass Art. I have never used moleskins before so this will be a new experience with their paper. as well as some A4 sketchbooks in Paper chase for £2, I can not imagine that this will last long.
I have also invested in some of the Fashionary sketchbooks, which have a faint out line of 3 human figures, on each page. Already I am in love with the feel of the paper. the plain with these is to do some clothes design sketches, this is partly inspired by finding some of my textiles 1920s sketch’s in the loft at my parents, and my Phantom Circus project which has been growing since 2000-2001 If this project does not end up happening then I will use them for another project.
I am going to try this year to have less sketchbooks on the go and finish one theme before moving on to the next. I can but try.
Considering I have a large stash of Acrylic paint, water colours pencils and pens most of my work has been done in pencil, this year I am going to try and do more work in other mediums other them pencil, as well as doing my best to post them, as a lot of my posts have been of my old work and Polaroid project.
I hope that I can stick to my 2015 plan, and I hope all following that you enjoy what I have to shear this year.

Clear sky’s, and fly safe. xxx

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