Sunday, 10 June 2018

Painted Shop Windows: Fraggle Rock Window 2015

In March (18th) 2015, with a gloomy spring of grey clouds and rain we needed something bright cheerful and summery leading up to easter.
So walking through the shop I found four of the Fraggle Rock costumes. We have had then sitting around for years and we have not sold one years. Then I realised that my random doodles would look quite good with costumes.
The Final Window
                    The flower heads almost look like flying saucers on an alien plant.
I painted the rocks on and around the dislay case to make it part of the window, rather then just a last thought.

(Oh La La, an armless naked man mannequin.)
Finished flowers growing on top of rocks

(March 30th)
Fraggle Rock Easter egg hunt. just in time for Easter.
Was a little lazy here as people hand been liking the window, and decided to just added some easter eggs hiding behind the flowers and rocks.

The Inspiration Behind The Window Art
I had, and still have been doing these little little sketches for a while and they seamed perfect to put on the Fraggle Rock window.

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I will posting one or two more posts with other windows that painted. and a post on the products that I used.

Till then happy creating.

Friday, 8 June 2018

Painted Shop Windows: Halloween

Halloween is the busiest time of year for any fancy dress store.
Which meant it was time for a frightful window.
In stepped me with my box of paint and brushes.
The tomb stones and wall (on the right) was a mix of black and white paint and applied with a sponge to create a rough stone finish.
The sky was a mix of blue, black and white. painted over the lightning. this section on the top right is my favourite bit.

Apart from the Lightning which turned out looking good. The Bottom centre holds the cutest bit of the window painting, the black cat with a pumping.
Unfortunately the red and yellow paints that I had didn't mix that well to make a pumping orange colour, but still it tuned out well.

On the smaller window we had the social media addresses and icons. which needed a little Halloween-i-fing.
In stepped jack skellington. In each corner I added spiders web to frame the window and drips of blood from the addresses. Being careful to leave a tiny gap between the blood and the writing to mack it a little easier to remover the blood drips

After Halloween I removed the blood and added spots of snow and small piles of snow on the webs and on Jacks head

Halloween 2016
With a display unit in the window this year had to de a little less them in 2014 (and of cause Petter rotten tail, aka Scary bunny had to stay in the window).
So I went for more of a child's book / comic book look.

The sketches.

A work in progress from the inside.
Final piece from the In side

I will posting two more posts with other windows that painted. and a post on the products that I used.
Till then happy creating.

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Wednesday, 6 June 2018

Painted Shop Windows.

Over the last seven years I got to create and paint several windows for Escapade Fancy Dress.
Most of my visual merchandising dispalys and window are posted on my Visual Merchandising blog VisualMerchandising101
I will do a separate post on what I used and weather I think about it. But for now I thought it would be good to shear the work here on my art blog. 
The first window that I painted was in July 2013. From what I remember that year a lot festivals and party's were nautical or pirate related which resulted in the boat. 
This was painted using chalk makers.
The Bestival festival (September 2013) theme was 'Nautical'. The costumes were all chosen to inspire ideas for the event. 
The semi circles in green and blue along the bottom are art deco inspired waves and the blue semi circles along the top is the sky. I decided not to paint white clouds as I wanted to keep it to just two colours.

2014 windows had a simaler style with Hearts for Vanitines day, and Shame rocks for St. Patricks day with the shapes framing the window and directing your attention more to the mannequins.

The Peace and Love window was again inspired my a festival theme.
Peace signs, hearts and flowers had to make an appearance.

September brought with it the Isle of White Bestival Festival its theme for 2014 was "Desert Island Disco."
So in the spirit of festival fancy dress, this inspired the window.
With palm trees to frame the window on their own little Islands. 

You can't really Go wrong with a comic book window. I used the Grand Heritage  Costumes, which are higher end line and created a 1960s inspierd design. using the cabinet to create a the 
'Welcome To Gotham City' sign. and the clouds painted on the main window.

With the cinema release of Avengers, Age of Ultron in April (21st) 2015.
Three of the Avengers made an appearance their logs painted on the window.

I will posting two more posts with other windows that painted. and a post on the products that I used.
Till then happy creating.

Little Foot Note:
This is not a sponsored post.

Friday, 25 May 2018

Watercolour Paints And Palette Collection

Recently I have been getting back in to water colour painting, after a few years of drawing with pen, pencil. and inks. 
In another post I will show what pens and inks I have been using. As I have just re-set up my palettes I thought I would show these first.

In total I have six half pan palettes, two set of water soluble sticks, a small set of Gouache and a set of tubes of water colour paint.
I am going to go over each set. I will do a post on each set, with colour charts for each and what I think of each at a later date.

Lets start with the Winsor and Newton black tin.
This tin holds 24 half pans, (or 12 full pans) So they say, but you can get 26 half pans in the tin (13 on each row).
I brought this tin years a go from Cass Art, I took out all the paints and put the half pan ‘Winsor and Newton Cotman' paints, which are their student range. I had two sets of them in their pocket size palettes that held 12 colours each.
This is how it has been for the past two years

(Winsor And Newton Cotmans, and 6 Royal Talens Rembrandt.)
The other day I picked up the Winsor and Newton Cotman Studio set from Cowling and Wilcoxs. Which holds 45 half pans (if you shift them up you can get 48 half pans).

Winsor and Newton Cotman 45 palette
The plastic palette came with 45 half pans, so I went through them and removed the colours that I hand and put them in to the palette along with all the new ones I have gained.

Moving the Cotmans out of the 24 black tim means that I can fill this tin with the Winson and Newton Professional water colour paints that I took out of this tin when I got it and have had them stored in my box, along with some other half pans.
Winsor and Newton Professional paints 
When I was emptying out the black tin I came across 6 Royal Talens Rembrandt colours which I brought years ago from Laurence Mathews art shop (in Southend-on-Sea.)
Which now live in the Winson and Newton pocket palette.
Finding these in my palette and knowing how much i like these colours and how mix and behave, has made me start looking at buying a 12 palette of the Rembrandt watercolour paints 

Royal Talens Rembrandt
Next up is my ‘Winsor and Newton Designer Gouache,’ which I have a set of six and a couple of other colours. I am currently waiting for a empty pallet so I can put the colours in and use them out of the that.

Winsor and Newton Designer Gouache
The next set is one of my newest sets which I have not yet used, is the 
Schmincke Metal tin set which came with 12 half pans. I picked up two more colours which will fit in the tin nicely.

Daniel Smith is a beautiful range of water colours that come in 5ml and 15ml tubes only.
I have slowly been building up a set and I have only got around to putting them in to half pans. The palette that they are living in is a blue tin that currently holds 46 half pans which I got form Amazon. Is from a brand called Meeden.

Daniel Smith water colour
I then have a box of ‘Daler Rowney Simple’ water colour tubes. These are a student quality paint. I haven't really used them much as I was not that keen on them 

Daler Rowney Simple watercolour
I also have a small travel set of their half pans which I brought to take away with me on holiday a few years ago, but I never used them. they’ve been setting at the bottom of my art box since then

Last of all I have two sets of water soluble pigment sticks one is ‘Caran D’ache NeoColor’ and the other is a selection of ‘Winsor and Newton’, 
My favourite is the Winsor and Newton sticks. The Caran D’ache ones I think I only used once.

Winsor and Newton water soluble pigment sticks
Caran D’ache NeoColor soluble pigment sticks

That sums up my current collection to watercolour paints and palettes. Like I mentioned at the start,  I will do a post on each set, with colour charts for each and what I think of each at a later date. 
If you have any questions related to any my sets drop a comment below and I will answer it as soon as possible.

Where I got them from:
Winsor and Newton Cotman Studio 46 set, Winsor and Newton Designer Gouache, Daler Rowney travel set and Schmincke; Cowling and Wilcox
Winsor and Newton Professional 18 set and Daniel Smith; Cass Art
Royal Talens Rembrandt; Laurence Mathews, Southend-on-Sea.
Caran D’ache NeoColor and Daler Rowney Simple; Slanchogled

Small little disclaimer: all the products here I have brought with my oun money, and this is not a sponsored post