Friday, 19 May 2017

Artists Notes

Moleskine Passions, Art Journal.

I have had this book sitting on my book shelf for nearly 6 months waiting to be started, So with a rainy day I finally got around to starting it.
Moleskine do a whole range of these books, including Tea, Receipts, Style, Book Journal, Travel journal, Wedding planer, Music, film and some  others. 
The idea is to track or plan within these notebooks for work or personal use.
(The Style journal could be used by Fashion/Costume designer/wardrobe mistress/master or even a dresser, a Stylist, Cos-player or if you just want to plan out what you wear
The Wellness Planer for your own heath, as trainer planing for a client or class. 
Weather it is for work or personal I think that everyone is able use one with in their life)

So here is my Moleskine Art Journal, It is their standard medium size (little shorter in width then a A5 notebook), with a in-bossed cover with the letters 'A', 'R', 'T',  
It is divided in to ten sections, five are pre-planed for you and then there is a lined pages section, a divided section and the then two sections with space with plan paper. 
There is an Art Time Line at the front of the book that starts at the beginning of the 1900s and runs in to the 2000 with space for you to add to. And three ribbon book marks. The book marks are a useful tool but like a lot of the Moleskine books the ends are not finished so if you don't put a not in the end they are liable to become un woven.

Lets get into it
Right at the front you have pages labeled 'My Favourite Place'. Giving you space for the name, address, phone number, and for why its one of your favourite places.
Here will be lists of Museums and the galleries with in them that I like most. Art galleries, shops and Artists web sights.

Then we are in to the first five dividers.

The first one is 'Wish list'. Weather this be for art, books, visits.

The next Tab is 'Visits'. Where you can rate it, stick a picture or draw something, as well as not space for highlights and personal thought.

Tab three is 'Artworks" Keep notes on your favourite piece of art, pieces you might want to research.

Tabe four is 'My Collection'. this is designed for art you have brought. This section I am going to be using it along the same lines as the 'Artworks' sections

Tab five is for 'Books Etc." All the art and design reference books that I have I will list here. It also holds details for publisher, Technical details, your review and to remember. The to remember column will have page numbers to reference.

  The Last five tabs, apart from one, I currently have no plans for. One of the plan sections I am going to have print outs of suerposedly 'hunted' paintings.  (Because I'm wired like that.)

The final pages are the index for you to fill in.

in the pocket at  the book you have sticks for the tabs and for using in the book as you wish.

The only thing that could be better it the paper, I was partly expecting it to be more like their art books but it the same paper as a plan paged book so if you do sketch in it any art pen is more then like to bleed through or ghost badly.
Despite this I am looking forward to getting in to this little book, taking it to museums and galleries as well as just at home. I will shear spreads asI complete them on here and on my Instagram mytheoryofthecrows