Sunday, 29 June 2014

Paintings #2

A bit more of my emotional expression painting

In the Darkness #1
Black and Copper acrylic Paint on A3 
In the Darkness #2
Gold and Purple acrylic paint on A3
In the Darkness #3
Blue and Purple acrylic paint on A3

In the Darkness #4
Black and Copper acrylic paint on A3


I have this habit if doing some some very random art, so during a a dull day I decided to do some painting.
It was a bit of emotional expression. 

Golden Lining.
Painted with Gold and copper acrylic paint on A3 
Golden Lining #2
Looking at this now, it looks like there is a face on the right hand side of it.
Painted with gold and orange acrylic paint on A3 paper

Skull in progress.

From 'My Little Book of skulls' Sketch Book

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Lost Sketch Book, IV

Sketch Book number 4 of  9. 10th one has just been started. it is all the strange drawings that I have done during my breaks at work.
One sketchbook of 50 pages, that's 100 images. It ruffly lasts me 2 weeks. (That's 10 days as i work 5 days a week)

The work in Sketchbook 4 looks a little like sound waves. I listen to a lot music I think that is were this cam from. As well as the imagery reminded me of waves and a piece of art that I saw when I was in college. (i just cant remember which arts it was by).

I haven't quite finished them yet, I haven't decided weather to paint them, colour them, just use pen, or just leave them as they are.

Old Leigh.

Sketch's from Leigh-On-Sea. Well the on on the right is the one on the left is one i done a few days later bake in London. Being bake there I realsie how much I miss the area. so peaceful even though it was busy.
Drawn June 1st and June 4th.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

In the trees

Random things found in tress. A part of me thinks, 'I wonder how that got there' a bit like a child, another thinks 'people are fucking vandles'. While a artistic part of me screams ' Kodak moment, wheres the camera or sketch book"

Friday, 13 June 2014

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Artists notes

just finishing a three day weekend so nice. 
Been getting in to taking Polaroid photos been using colour Impossible film from . being impressed with the result, I brought a black and white cool shade pack. the result is good.
the only thing with the black and white is that it starts to change to serape due to humidity and temperature. so after doing a little research on their site they are now in a bag with a silicon pack. they have to stay in there for a month. this tacks out the moister from the photo fixing it making it last longer.
I left them over night on the desk in a warm room next to the computer, silly thing to do as with in 24hrs i found that the B&W pictures had stared to change colour. but after them being in a my make sift 'dry age kit'. my be its just my eye site but is seams to have slightly reversed the effects. cant wait to see if this works when i tack them out.
the one down side to this little hobby is it is expensive, but makes me smile to see them develop. Want to see more?